Question Spy – Automate watching out for questions in Yahoo! Answers & co.

Welcome on the webpage of Question Spy.

You may know already the power of question-webpages like Yahoo! Answers / Yahoo! Clever or and similar webpages. User have a question and write them down. Other user try to help and answer on the question.
Every day are millions of people on these webpages. That are a lot of potential customers for you! But it is also a huge amount of time which you have to spend there, to find the right questions to advertise “beside” your product or webpage.

Now we have a solution. Question Spy will check automated these webpages for questions which fit in your search. The software will inform you about new questions and you can write the answer direct in the software. No need anymore to open webpages, wait for loading of them, login, writing the answer, logout, etc. The software will do all of that for you.

All you need to do is to specify your search (keywords) and wait until someone is asking a question which fits in your search pattern. Then check if it really fits and write a good answer where you refer on your product / webpage. That is all.

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