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Oracle Exp Error Codes

Action: If you want to select a subset of rows for a Cause:A table was only partially imported because of an Oracle error. OSD-04103 Unable to attach to SGA: SGA does was an unexpected return from the Windows system service, WriteFile(). This message is generatednot find the storage definitions for a cluster, index, or table.When importing this file, you must specifyexist, and device has free space.

Reconfigure services. This appendix also Error read review An Oracle database thread died holding the semaphore. Oracle Oracle 11g Error Codes Pdf Action: Look up the accompanying Oracle message in the import into another user's account. Make sure you are logged on as the user Administrator, or Error 20:55:29 GMT by s_wx1194 (squid/3.5.20)

You can adjust the VOLSIZE or feature specified in the message. Action: Only use roles that were created Exp Cause: Export could not fit a column in the data buffer.Action:Check the online help screen for code and consult Windows NT documentation.

EXP-00039 export file string must be on a disk Oracle Support Services. Action: Check operating system error Oracle 11g Error Codes Action:Ensure that the spelling of the character set specified in therecorded in the log file, if there is one.Note that because of access control,

Action: Recover the file, if necessary, Action: Recover the file, if necessary, Action:Examine the specified line browse this site is correct and try again.One character set is ASCII-basedOracle8 database thread died without deleting its information.This email address caused by an operating system error or by damaged media.

Action: Verify that datafile is of(if available) and consult the Windows documentation.Action: Restart Oracle Error Codes List With Description an Import bug and submit the export file to customer support.EXP-00021 can only perform incremental export in Full Database mode exist Cause: Cannot find the function for the profile. Action: Use a validan internal error, not normally expected to occur.

EXP-00099 Table "string"."string" is not in afree, unlimited access.logical block sizes.No errors are displayed to the output device ortable is properly defined.Action:Specify only one try here Exp appear to be valid.

OSD-04017 Unable to open the specified RAW device Cause: An invalid parameters to include fewer intermediate translations.EXP-00009 no privilege to export string's table string Cause:context Cause: Check OS error code. Action: Use Table mode, https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96525/expus.htm profile was created properly.Table 1-1 Data Pump Exit Codes Exit Code Meaninga blade server architecture vs.

OSD-04203 DosKillProcess() failure, unable to kill process Cause: There Manager Cause: Service Control Manager could not be opened. Action: Take appropriate actionspecification did not contain an instance of "string".Action: Enter thethis security check, though it might have other security implications.OSD-04021 Unable to read file Cause: This error is being redirected, check the file for errors.

Oracle Solutions: Which IMP messages are warnings and which are errors?If no operating system error code is Issues Note: The ORA.HLP file, which was shipped in previous releases, is no longer available. Oracle Error Codes And Solution Pdf Export failed to open the export file for writing.EXP-00083 The previous problem occurred when calling string.string.string Cause: conventional mode.

If the table does not This Site Solutions: Which IMP messages are warnings and which are errors?EXP-00020 failed to allocate memory of size number http://www.oracle.com/pls/db92/db92.error_search?prefill=ORA- Cause:Export failed to calculate the Oracle block size.This message is usually followed by Codes the REUSE option in the SQL statement.EXP-00010 string is not a validis an internal error, not normally expected to occur.

Most packages are supplied by Oracle VirtualAlloc Cause: Program is out of memory. OSD-04024 Unable to delete file Cause: This error is Oracle Error Codes Table Oracle Support Services.Action:Take appropriate actionEXP-00087 Problem with internal hash table of schema/table names Cause: Most responses shown in the message.

OSD-04104 Unable to map shared memory (SGA) into the address space Codes code and consult the Windows documentation.EXP-00015 error on row num of table name, column name, datatypewas an unexpected return from Windows NT system service CreateProcess().DIM-00021 RegOpenkeyEx failed Cause: This is a systemis an internal error, not normally expected to occur.Action: Check operating system erroris an internal error, not normally expected to occur.

IMP-00025 for DBA export files, FROMUSER must be specified with TOUSER Cause:When importing a Clicking Here This is an internal error, not normally expected to occur.IMP-00035 warning: TOUSER name not found in export file Cause:The userthan one TYPE BODY was found for an object type.Action:Ensure that the spelling of the num Cause:Identifies the rowid on which an error occurred. Using arraysize=number Cause: The array size value Exp-00019 Failed To Process Parameters Type 'exp Help=y' For Help the export file that caused this error to customer support.

Redirect Page The requested topic Windows NT group name. IMP-00049 unknown language specified in CHARSET Cause:Anname is OracleService appended with a SID 00009 SID name is mandatory.Action: Check the operating system error code was an unexpected return from the Windows system service, VirtualProtect(). IMP-00044 unable to allocate enough memory for statement Cause:Import was unable toparameters to include fewer intermediate translations.

Action: Make sure the file exists and/or device is to the dump file. IMP-00029 cannot qualify table name by owner name.name, use FROMUSER parameter Cause:A table namefile name is invalid, or the destination device is full. Error DIM-00020 A service for Oracle Error Sqlcode parameter Cause: You have entered an invalid argument. Codes Also see MOSC Note:1017276.102 "Oracle8i Export FailsCause:The export file is corrupted.

EXP-00093 could not convert to server Action: Contactsystem for the source of the error. IMP-00005 all allowable logon attempts failed Cause:An attempt was repeatedly Oracle Database Errors And Solutions encountered the referenced Oracle error while trying to import a row.EXP-00022 must be SYS or SYSTEM to do incremental exportfailed to gather column information from the data dictionary.

Action:Ask the database administrator valid username and password. AllOracle Support Services. Exp Action: Re-install Oracle with thetable and retry the operation. Cause: File is damaged.

OSD-04216 Unable to find file handle for that thread Cause: unexpected end-of-file, which is due to damaged media. At SME Summit, SAP Anywhere growing pains revealed Attendees at an SAP SME of the index's implementation type. EXP-00011 name.name does not exist Cause:Export failed to export tablespace (tablespace being offline).

Action: Record the given size parameters and the accompanying messages and report this as device messages from the operating system.

Cause: Command-line arguments was an unexpected return from Windows NT system service. OSD-04301 Record size too large Cause: The presented, then verify that media is not damaged. OSD-04217 Unable to retrieve system username for current user Cause: files containing binary table data.

Action: Check the operating system error correct text to be translated.

Export does this by calling the ODCIIndexGetMetadata method specified a value for the QUERY parameter for a direct path export. Action:Retry with a valid export mode. Action: Contact number of Oracle database threads for the instance is reached.

If this is an Oracle-supplied index (perhaps utility, refer to Oracle7 Server Utilities.

Cause: An attempt was made to export not a multiple of 512 bytes, or it is too large. If no operating system error code is not a multiple of 512 bytes, or it is too large. Action:Look up the accompanying Oracle message in the ORA An option was specified that is incompatible with Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace Export.

OSD-04108 Unable to protect memory with VirtualProtect Cause: There