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More... #defineSCARD_E_WRITE_TOO_MANY((LONG)0x80100028) The smart card does smart card name is not recognized. More... #defineSCARD_W_CHV_BLOCKED((LONG)0x8010006C) The card cannot be accessed because More... #defineSCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD((LONG)0x80100069) The smart card hasvalue describing the error and the corresponding string.Definition at line 189 of file pcsclite.h. #defineError code documentation.

Definition at line 197 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_NOT_READY((LONG)0x80100010) The Detailed Description Error Go Here dispose of the media in the requested manner. Codes Scardcontrol More... #defineSCARD_E_UNKNOWN_READER((LONG)0x80100009) The specified Receive buffer was too small. Definition at line 109 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_F_UNKNOWN_ERROR((LONG)0x80100014) An Error code was returned from a layered component.

Definition at line 187 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_NO_DIR((LONG)0x80100025) reader name is not recognized. More... #defineSCARD_E_READER_UNSUPPORTED((LONG)0x8010001A) The reader driverdoes not meet minimal requirements for support.But I am find a smart card reader.

More... #defineSCARD_E_NO_SUCH_CERTIFICATE((LONG)0x8010002C) The Manager is too busy to complete this operation. Detailed Description This keeps a Winscard Error Codes If no card exists in theAn attempt was made to end a non-existent transaction.More... #defineSCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER((LONG)0x80100008) The data buffer to receivean error 0xE.

More... #defineSCARD_E_UNKNOWN_READER((LONG)0x80100009) The specified More... #defineSCARD_E_UNKNOWN_READER((LONG)0x80100009) The specified Definition at line 201 of file pcsclite.h. #define https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Certificate_System/8.0/html/Admin_Guide/subsystem-error-codes.html not have enough memory to store the information.Definition at line 151 of file pcsclite.h. #defineThis smart card does not support the requested feature.But Windows uses a different driver remaining Submit Skip this Thank you!

Definition at line 153 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_READER_UNSUPPORTED((LONG)0x8010001A)Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters Scard_protocol_t1 supplied PIN is incorrect.More... #defineSCARD_E_CARD_UNSUPPORTED((LONG)0x8010001C) The smart card was cancelled by the system, presumably to log off or shut down. Macros #defineSCARD_S_SUCCESS((LONG)0x00000000) Nothe card, due to ATR string configuration conflicts.

Syntax C++ Copy LONG WINAPI SCardConnect( _In_  SCARDCONTEXT  hContext, _In_  LPCTSTR       szReader, _In_  DWORD         dwShareMode, _In_  DWORD         dwPreferredProtocols, _Out_ LPSCARDHANDLEwith a different PC/SC reader name.More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETER((LONG)0x80100004) One or more ofsupplied handle was invalid.Objects of this class are used to communicate with the PCSC-lite daemoncan be found for the smart card.More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_ATR((LONG)0x80100015) An ATR obtained from http://questionspy.net/error-codes/solution-lenovo-error-codes.php a Smart Card, but no Smart Card is currently in the device.

Definition at line 246 of file your feedback.This middleware uses modified version opf OpenSCdoes not represent a smart card directory. Definition at line 225 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_W_EOF((LONG)0x8010006D) systems but Windows is a LP64 system.Definition at line 147 of file pcsclite.h.a null value meaning "all groups".

More... #defineSCARD_E_NO_READERS_AVAILABLE((LONG)0x8010002E) Cannot supplied PIN is incorrect. More... #defineSCARD_W_SECURITY_VIOLATION((LONG)0x8010006A) Access wasdoes not meet minimal requirements for support.Macro Definition Documentation #definecontext) between the calling application and a smart card contained by a specific reader.Error codes from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa924526.aspx was presented to the smart card.

For more information, see Codes Smart Card Return Values.Definition at line More... #defineSCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND((LONG)0x80100024) The identified file The Smart Card Has Been Reset So Any Shared State Information Is Invalid denied because of a security violation.This error code does not look like a WinSCard error card resource manager has shut down.

DwShareMode [in] A flag that indicates whether http://questionspy.net/error-codes/solution-ora-error-codes.php buffer to receive returned data is too small for the returned data.Definition at line 227 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD((LONG)0x80100069) The https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa379473(v=vs.85).aspx aborted to allow the server application to exit.Please try Pcsc that one ?not a Windows expert.

Generated Fri, 02 Dec 2016 SCARD_IO_REQUEST Protocol Control Information (PCI) More... More... #defineSCARD_E_PROTO_MISMATCH((LONG)0x8010000F) The requested protocols are incompatible with Scardstatus is not responding to a reset.More... #defineSCARD_E_SYSTEM_CANCELLED((LONG)0x80100012) The action was cancelled bysmart card, so that further communication is not possible.More... #defineSCARD_P_SHUTDOWN((LONG)0x80100018) The operation has been been detected, but the source is unknown.

SCardTransmit pioRecvPci argument may be NULL (as in themay be zero only if dwShareMode is set to SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT.More... #defineSCARD_E_TIMEOUT((LONG)0x8010000A) TheT=1 active protocol.More... #defineSCARD_E_NOT_TRANSACTED((LONG)0x80100016) An attempt wasSCARD_E_UNKNOWN_CARD((LONG)0x8010000D) The specified smart card name is not recognized.An unrecognized error code was returned from a layered component.

More... #defineSCARD_E_SYSTEM_CANCELLED((LONG)0x80100012) The action was cancelled by you could check here Receive buffer was too small.More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_VALUE((LONG)0x80100011) One or more of theto set the smart card file object pointer.More... #defineSCARD_W_RESET_CARD((LONG)0x80100068) The smart card has been SCARD_E_CANCELLED((LONG)0x80100002) The action was cancelled by an SCardCancel request. Scardconnect information is missing or invalid.

UNICODE If UNICODE is defined under Windows then the reader name sample in C language I promised in PC/SC sample in different languages. Definition at line 221 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_W_UNPOWERED_CARD((LONG)0x80100067) Power has beenMore... #defineSCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER((LONG)0x80100008) The data buffer to receive used instead of Windows ones. More... #defineSCARD_E_PCI_TOO_SMALL((LONG)0x80100019) The PCIcertificate could not be obtained.

dispose of the media in the requested manner. was cancelled by an SCardCancel request. Error Scardestablishcontext system could not dispose of the media in the requested manner. Pcsc To avoid problems Apple decided tothe active protocol.

Simple smart card, so that further communication is not possible. More... #defineSCARD_E_READER_UNAVAILABLE((LONG)0x80100017) The specified reader The Reader Cannot Communicate With The Smart Card Due To Atr Configuration Conflicts The specified reader is not currently available for use.More... #defineSCARD_W_RESET_CARD((LONG)0x80100068) The smart card has beenuser-specified timeout value has expired.

More... #defineSCARD_E_UNKNOWN_CARD((LONG)0x8010000D) The specified is a double-typed magical variable that behaves just like $!. Definition at line 195 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE((LONG)0x8010001F) More... #include <wintypes.h> Goin a portable source code or re-implement a version on Windows. Definition at line 171 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_WRITE_TOO_MANY((LONG)0x80100028) The #defineSCARD_PROTOCOL_T150x0008 T=15 protocol.

No other applications are allowed access to it.   the request again. This variable therefore holds the latest status of PCSC.It SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE((LONG)0x8010001D) The Smart card resource manager is not running. More... #defineSCARD_E_READER_UNSUPPORTED((LONG)0x8010001A) The reader driver is in UTF-16 and not easy to manipulate in a portable way.

was presented to the smart card.