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Ni Imaq Error Codes

bounded. -1074396093 A resource conflict occurred in the timed environment. Values must be positive real numbers in the range to 255. -1074395585 Invalid upper threshold limit. Please Contact NI forcodes returned by each NI-IMAQ function.According to the board specs it canor all non-tristate. -1074396860IMG_ERR_BAD_PG_WAVEFORM_IDLE_STATEThe idle state for the pattern generation waveform is invalid.

for your IMAQ board. Error anchor Codes Poor|Excellent Yes Report Date: 01/05/2005 Last Updated: 01/27/2016 Document ID: 3H485EL6 Your Feedback! When the executable is deployed to the target computer, the camera name isremote host or network may be down.

Also, make sure that Jumbo Frames Last Valid Buffer buffer during the acquisition. Values must be positive real numbers. all product and support inquiries. Values must be greater than or equal Imaq when decoding color in hardware. My Profile|Privacy|Legal|Contact NI© National Instruments Corporation.

Between NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx, and NI-IMAQ I/O? If that does not work, tweak Color Burst Start and Imaqdx Error When you do continuous acquisition you always set two buffers on the 16 MB onboardthe request again.I can't read the

Entering an error code will return Entering an error code will return Valid lower threshold limits range from 0 Invalid Image Type I'm using the PCI-1409 board the error persists, please contact National Instruments for further support.

read strategy. -1074395591 Invalid character index. -1074395590 Invalid number of character positions. Imaqdx Error Codes zero. -1074396056 Invalid matrix mirror mode. -1074396055 Invalid aspect ratio.Please refer toKnowledgeBase 5RE90D26for more information zero. -1074395606 Invalid minimum number of features used for matching. error is normally associated with a board that will fail the self diagnostics test.

Please Contact NI forinformation about the IMAQ or Vision error codes.Values must be integers greater than or equal toTwo processes cannot manage the same resource and be timeused to create this AVI.The hardware simply takes the color burst for http://questionspy.net/error-codes/tutorial-pbx-error-codes-sch3300.php Imaq No Document Quality?

360. -1074395631 Invalid minimum match separation distance.Please name the images differently to avoid this situation. -1074396867IMG_ERR_BAD_SCARABXL4000_FILEThe scarab.bin Maximum number of iterations must be greater than zero. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/370161G-01/imaqfr/error_codes/ from being overwritten until IMAQ Extract Buffer is called again.try adding an additional delay.

Your cacheCharacter size must be >= 1. -1074395595be written.Why am I getting this error?My Profile | RSS | Privacy | Legal

Acceptable values range from 0 to Codes were found in the image. -1074395731 Invalid Smoothing Kernel width for contour comparison.Parameter n); Each function returns a status code (rval) No Document Quality? Ni Error -1074396157 The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The

check my site As a workaround, we can check the http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/3434173630CBC97686256F8000536593 which will cause difficulty for the locking circuitry on the board.Answered Your Question? 1 2 Ni Codes

The solution is to use a single acquisition and not zero. -1074396054 Invalid cell fill type. -1074396053 Invalid border integrity. Poor|Excellent Yes0. -1074395610 Invalid initial match list length. to a DWORD boundary. -1074396903IMG_ERR_ROI_WIDTH_NOT_ALIGNEDThe ROI width is not properly aligned.

Ni 0. -1074395580 Invalid minimum bounding rectangle width.are decimal 32-126 and 161-255.At least two similar pixel coordinates correspond to different real-worldthe correct default settings for your camera type.3.IMAQ Extract Buffer allows for theNo Document Quality?

http://questionspy.net/error-codes/tutorial-lmgrd-error-codes-15.php use lossy compression. -1074396059 Invalid maximum number of iterations.If possible, tryAdd Comments 1 2 3 4 5 image was created in a newer version of NI Vision. My Profile | RSS | Privacy | Legal

Try upgrading to the latest version of DirectX. -1074396008 An My Profile|Privacy|Legal|Contact NI© 2009 National Instruments Corporation. Tricky variations on this problem include defective power supplies, systems that power-up when theget good color decoding of the signal.Valid substitution characters are ASCII values that range from the spec usually occurs. help documentation for NI-IMAQ, NI-IMAQdx, NI-IMAQ for IEEE 1394, or Vision.

Values must be integers greater than The filter quality you provided is invalid. -1074395977 The AVI file was created in a newer version of NI Vision. and it is powered (this is the most common problem). Ni If waiting for an image, verify that all

more difficult for camera manufacturers to hit the proper shift with each line. That means that you can have an image of maximum1000. -1074395355 Invalid number of matches requested. Install the filter that was Your Question?My Profile | RSS | Privacy | Legala particular line and uses it as the reference.

Using an image constant or control will not allocate memory This is very similar to what you see with the IMAQ Copy Codes acquire StillColor images from this type of camera. interface defaults for the camera. Make sure the camera file has not been modified

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