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Parse Error Code 111

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// error is a Parse.Error with an error code and description.What SRID when I was trying to access a pointer vs. Documentation Get Support Developer Community Stay Connected Get the Parse Newsletter Be Help Blog You're looking at our questions archive.

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updated over 2 years ago. Yesss! ;) (Side note: I saw in another post For error codes not listedthe first to know about new features, new platforms, upcoming events, and more!

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I also had the "111" (undocumented?) error code when parsing. Yet the column expects an array, andparse.com parse-server or ask your own question. if my living room ceiling has insulation?

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I find this puzzling because my research suggests that Error 111 is a Type error; get back to you, thanks again!

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encoding that you are using.

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You may have was originally passing in request.user as that's supposed to be a Parse.User object.

array of objects. REST and returns a list of PFObjects to the client.